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1st International Marine Art Exhibition

The American Society of Marine Artists is delighted to host its sister organizations from around the world for this, the participating societies’ first truly international exhibition featuring works from the world’s leading marine artists. PRIMA is proud that three of our members are in this Exhibition. For the American Society of Marine Artists is Austin Dwyer. Our two members from The Canadian Society of Marine Artists are, John Horton and George Wikinson.  Use this link to see the Exhibition:   www.InternationalMarineArt.com

National Show: Connected Land & Sea

The Copley Society of Art is proud to present a National Marine Art Exhibition featuring works from artists across the United States. Coastal New England is the inspiration for “Connected Land & Sea”

Use this link to see the Exhibition:   www.copleysociety.org

PRIMA’s member, Austin Dwyer’s painting, “Opus 4: Symphony of Rust” was awarded 3rd prize by National recognized artist, Donald Demers.

"Opus 4: Symphony of Rust" by Austin Dwyer.

“Morning Fog” 16×20″ Oil, by Frank Gaffney – 1st place
 “Kamikaze” by Buck Braden,  2nd Place.
“Alpine Meadow Summer” 9×12″ Oil,  by Ned Mueller,  3rd Place.

Marine Art or Maritime Art?

The answer is actually both. Maritime tends to describe boats and ships, while Marine leans toward living things and the environment of the sea.
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