Welcome to the Pacific Rim Institute of Marine Artists


 Buck Braden, PRIMA’s New President.

Imagination and factual history have been the guiding parameters of my painting.I have an abiding love of maritime themes, whether sail and it’s origins and development or more contemporary themes such as steam, commercial and warship design especially those that in one way or other pertain to our regional maritime history.  Much of the content of what I paint also depicts the ships that hauled the timber that helped to build the cities of the Pacific Coast and indeed some cities around the Rim.  There are many stories of those ships and the real people who built and crewed them that furnish seeds for paintings from that era up to the present.  It is a satisfying challenge to utilize those stories that compose our history in a way in paintings that bring the past to life.  I have been an artist my entire life and have also attained degrees in Art at the BA, MA and Post Graduate levels.  While I am diverse in my themes, here you will find my fascination with the maritime genre.  More information about myself and my art can be found in my resume.  
North Bend at Coos Bay, by Buck Braden.

Marine Art or Maritime Art?

The answer is actually both. Maritime tends to describe boats and ships, while Marine leans toward living things and the environment of the sea.
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