Welcome to the 

Pacific Rim Institute of Marine Artists

PRIMA Fall 2022 Marine Art Show

at the Center for Wooden Boats, Seattle
September 10th-December 17th, 2022

Show preview ⇒

Paul Mullally judged the show and the lucky winners were and
congratulations to:

  1. First: “Central Coast” by Jim Lamb.
  2. Second: “Fields Landing Boat Yard” by Jim McVicker.
  3. Third: “Hanging in There- Passage East-Ireland” By Ned Mueller.

With Honorable Mentions going to:

  • “Haroldsfiord Estuary” by Harold Johnson.
  • “Boats on Balboa” by Carolyn Hesse-Low.
  • “Island Time” by Frank Gaffney.
  • “Early morning arrival, Lidia, Preveza, Greece” by Charles Fawcett.

Marine Art or Maritime Art?

The answer is actually both. Maritime tends to describe boats and ships, while Marine leans toward living things and the environment of the sea.
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