Pacific Rim Institute of Marine Artists

PRIMA exists to celebrate human diversity through the lens of fine art with a specific attention to marine and maritime artists living on or near the PACIFIC RIM, the Pacific Ocean being our common thread.


Welcome in the languages of the Pacific Rim

PRIMA is composed of Member Countries within or bordering on the Pacific Ocean.

For each Member “Country”, PRIMA founders have designated a single artist to head that country’s artist community and represent that collective with the designation of Fellow. Under special circumstances there may be more than one Fellow named per “country” where a region is either unique enough or remotely located within the Pacific Rim such as Hawaii, Guam or American Samoa.

Each Fellow may elect to recommend various levels of membership to PRIMA for their Country and pass on the request to the Board of Directors at PRIMA in the USA for consideration.

PRIMA Governance will reside within the United States where PRIMA was founded in 2016 as a Non Profit 501c3 Corporation.

Charles Fawcett, Secretary PRIMA     Contact Mr. Fawcett

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