George Wilkinson portrait

George Wilkinson


George Wilkinson is a Canadian marine artist who resides in Alberta. He spends much of his leisure time in the Rocky Mountains or sailing in the British Virgin Islands.

George has always appreciated the fine arts. His personal entry into the arts was inspired many years ago on frequent family holidays in Hawaii where he was introduced to and fascinated by the art of scrimshaw, particularly those contemporary pieces depicting whaling scenes and tall ships of a bygone era. After much research and practice and due in part to his experience as a technical designer George soon mastered the craft, establishing a reputation as a prominent international scrimshaw artist.

His senses are stirred when sailing on azure blue waters. The desire to capture and share such visuals encouraged him to apply paint to canvas. As before George studied the styles and forms of his most admired maritime artists. Another successful adventure into a different art form.

His interest in marine history and dedication to detail has afforded him the opportunity to collaborate with International Historians and Novelists. His latest illustrations are published in a book by Dr. Mitch Kent detailing the tragic wreck of the steam ship RMS Rhone in 1867 titled “Twice She Struck”.

George’s scrimshaws and paintings are consistently exhibited in prominent galleries and
museums throughout North America.

George is an active member in The Canadian Society of Maritime Artists