PRIMA Membership

Each “Country” on the Rim is represented by a PRIMA Fellow with the authority to recommend a candidate for membership. The Fellow may recognize a prospective member artist and introduce the artist to the Board of Directors for consideration.

The United States – Louis Gadal
China – Signature representing China presently Steven Hu

Criteria for membership

Demonstrating Superior Artistic Excellence is the first test to achieve membership. Accurate knowledge of Maritime subjects portrayed in the artwork is required. Members’ artwork will live on long after the artist has passed therefore those in the future may come to rely on our artwork, so it is vital we preserve marine accuracy as a contribution to history.

Benefits of Membership

  • Inclusion in From The Wheelhouse, our quarterly newsletter – view latest version (PDF)
  • Juried inclusion into International Venues
  • Exchange of  artistic, maritime and marine knowledge with fellow members
  • Artistic recognition of Excellence
  • Advocation to benefit the health of our oceans
  • Celebration of cultural and artistic diversity
  • Mentoring Emerging Artists

Requests for Membership

All requests for Signature Membership should be made as follows:

Please email Ned Mueller
Include six images of your work in JPG format, 72 dpi x 1008 pixels at the longest dimension.
Your 6 digital file names will be titled as follows:
last name_first name_title_medium.jpg.
Include your Address, Telephone (inc. country code), Email and Website.

For 2024 Membership Annual Dues are;

Honorary Members …gratis

All Other Members..$45 USD

Choose this option to make a one-time dues payment, using PayPal or credit card:

Members may also mail their check to the P.O. Box

P.O. Box 50712
WA 98015